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Binary options unmasked

binary options book

Binary options unmasked Binary options – is it betting or trading? A debate that has been raging ever since binary options exploded onto the market, sweeping away convention, tearing up the rulebook, and dividing opinion. Indeed, simply mention the word binary and instantly a heated...

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Covered Call Writing Options

I’m about to get involved in covered calls. I notice you prefer one month just OTM calls yielding 3-5%/month. I find this strategy offers very little downside protection and it would be easy to quickly slip into a loss position. I’m a novice but writing...

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Option Trading Strategies

Hi Anna, First and foremost, I would like to thank you for this wonderful site that you have with it’s rich contents. I have learnt a valuable lesson in understanding how trading mechanism works and how to invest wisely in financial markets. I’m humble by...

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Trading Online Options

Hi Anna, I was reading your section on Options Trading (link below). I have an options account already set up in Australia but am now based in the UK.  I would be very interested in being “personally introduced” to the brokers at Interactive Brokers with...

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Options Trading Volatility

Hi Anna. On your “trading plan” web page, http://www.trading-plan.co.uk/options-trading-plan.htm you’ve cited as part of the straddle setup: IV current > HV past HV current < HV past IV current > IV past Should it not be written as IV current < HV Past and IV...

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