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Stock trading using volume price analysis

stock trading book

Stock Trading & Investing Using Volume Price Analysis In this book of over 200 worked examples for stock traders and investors, you will discover an approach that was used by the iconic traders of the past to build their vast fortunes. Traders such as Jesse...

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Forex trading using volume price analysis

forex trading using volume price analysis

Forex Trading Using Volume Price Analysis The forex market is perhaps the most complex of all the four principle capital markets. So it is little wonder so many traders struggle to achieve longer term consistency, and profitability in this most challenging of markets. And indeed...

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A complete guide to volume price analysis

volume trading book

A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis In the UK we have a product called Marmite. It is a deeply divisive food, which you either love or hate. Those who love it, cannot understand how anyone could live without it – and of course, the...

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Covered Call Writing Options

I’m about to get involved in covered calls. I notice you prefer one month just OTM calls yielding 3-5%/month. I find this strategy offers very little downside protection and it would be easy to quickly slip into a loss position. I’m a novice but writing...

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How To Start Trading

Hello Anna, hopefully you may remember me my name is Marcus.  We spoke a number of times but not for sometime. Unfortunately due to the current economic climate I had to leave my current company. I am very interested in your site and learning as...

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Financial Spread Betting Market Rollover

Hi Anna. For financial spread betting, if I choose to let my daily market bet roll over to the next day, will I incur any cost other than the “relative funding rate”, even if the stock price is unchanged? What I am worried about is...

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Volume Spread Analysis

Hi Anna, I found your site because I was googling on Market Makers. Your articles on the topic was very helpful. It isn’t a topic that’s talked about much but it really deserves more attention. After all, any of us private traders are essentially battling...

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Spread Bets Currency

Anna, Fab site, first site I read when I got interested in trading earlier this year. I have now read many other sites, books and it seems to be paying off – finally in the black. I have been dipping my toe into FX trading...

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Trading Timescales

Hi Anna…found your web on google…very informative…been trading for a short time now on indices…1m.5m.15m….but wish to try longer time frames…weekly or daily but the wider stops are off putting….need your advice…many thanks…..Alex

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Trading Currency Psychology

Hi Anna, Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights. Your articles are very clear and helpful. At present, I am working through 2 books on how to trade currencies – 7 winning strategies (Grace Cheng) and a book in the Dummies series, and I will...

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