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anna coullingAs I’m sure you know, I have been upgrading all my sites to provide as much information as possible for you, and as well as the regular updates on all the currency pairs, we have recently added a host of new features to the site which I hope you will find useful in your currency trading.

First we have added live currency charts, which cover a huge range of currency pairs, including all the majors, the crosses, the exotics and many that you may never have come across. In all there are over 70 pairs to choose from including many of the Arabian currencies. To change the timescale of the chart simply hover your mouse over the chart and in the right hand corner the options menu will appear, from which you can select the options required. Next we have added an economic calendar which provides all the daily economic and fundamental news for the day and the next few weeks. Major news announcements are highlighted with an explanation and link to the issuing authority. Checking which markets are closed can be an issue, so we have added a page which provides a list of all the national holidays for every country for the year, making it easy to check which markets are open and which are closed.

If you are considering trading in the forex markets there is only one platform worth considering in my view, and that’s the MT4 metatrader software platform, the most advanced yet intuative trading software available. With a host of expert advisors available, combined with sophisticated yet simple order entry, execution, and stop loss management, then MT4 is the only platform to use. Secondly of course you need to open account with a reputable broker who offers an ECN bridge – in other words your trades are entered automatically into the market with no dealer or broker intervention, a huge benefit which allows you to scalp or trade in your preferred style, with no worry of slippage or of broker intervention on trading positions.

The MT4 platform from ODL offers all the above with the choice of either mini or standard trading accounts so you can begin to trade with a very small sum and build up slowly – why not download your free demo copy of the metatrader 4 software by clicking on any of the above links and get started today, and don’t forget to follow my daily posts for updates and analysis of the forex markets to help you with your forex trading – so good luck and good trading.

For the latest currency news we have added a TV video channel, which is updated twice a day, with a morning briefing session, followed by a lunchtime review. The morning session covers the main economic news of the day, and the later session reviews the markets with volume trends, bullish or bearish sentiment, and likely moves in the currency markets. For more general news we have added a live news page, which provides streaming news across a variety of markets. If you need help in choosing your fx broker, we have added a new page to help you, and my own personal view is always to have your currency trading account with an ECN broker if possible, as this allows you to trade against the market, and not against the broker.

Finally we have also added live index charts for all the major indices around the world, a comprehensive list of live stock charts again covering the major stock exchanges, and lastly live commodity charts for the major trading commodities such as oil, silver and gold.

I hope you find all the new features of help, and as always if you do have any questions please do drop me a line at the ask Anna site and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible – regards Anna

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Stop Loss Placement

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Dear Anna, i am a small intraday trader. i want to ask a question, “where i have to set stop loss order”? in order to prevent more loss.

Euro Dollar Doji Hammer

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Good Afternoon, Some analysts are predicting a Doji hammer close today regarding the EUR/USD pair. I am open long at the moment. Is my position going to improve with this prediction or deteriorate rapidly?? I quick answer would help. Regards, Eduardo

Online Trading Books

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Hello Anna, I”m a Canadian middle-aged woman and would like to start VERY small with online trading, until I can educate myself more thoroughly. Are there any books that you can suggest that I read? Thank you for your website – I’m studying everything on it and learning a lot. I’d love to trade for a living as you do. Oksana

Stop Loss Money Management

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Anna, Thanks so much for this fantastic website, in particular the bit on money management. I am about to start trading and have taken all the advice to heart. One thing – the broker I am with offers guaranteed stop-loss orders at a premium, to prevent incurring losses should something ‘unforeseen’ happen. Could I ask you about your opinion on this? Would it be worth it? How often do such things happen? Thanks, and best of luck with your work! Heike

Short Selling

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Good morning Anna Thank you very much for your answer but my main question was: How these short-sellings could affect the market? How do the market makers know about deals between brokerage firms and their clients? Is it because for each transaction the broker has to hedge into the real market? Thanks Anna NB: Every day I read and read again your websites to learn before committing myself Daniel