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Covered Call Writing Options

I’m about to get involved in covered calls. I notice you prefer one month just OTM calls yielding 3-5%/month. I find this strategy offers very little downside protection and it would be easy to quickly slip into a loss position. I’m a novice but writing 6-12 month ITM or ATM Canadian bank calls with much larger premiums makes sense to me as it offers greater downside protection, more time to react to a downward movement, a greater opportunity to collect dividends and a greater chance of having my shares “called away” which to me is a plus as I only collect my maximum profit potential when that happens. I may even consider OTM calls if I think the share price has a good chance of going up. I would be happy if this strategy yielded 15-20% annually. Your comments would be greatly appreciated Anna. Thank you from Vancouver, BC, Canada