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European Stock Markets

Hello Anna Thank you very much for your reply. The products I would be interested in would be on European Stock markets, and also SP 500, E-mini, Options, Futures, etc. No Forex, no commodities, no warrants. Initially I was interested with NYSE and NASDAQ, but now the dollar has gone down so much, I could just go around and pick for the best markets??? I once was tested to know whether I would be a good trader, and the result was yes, mostly because I am a very cautious person who hates taking too much risk! (I suppose that is the reason I won’t start without serious tuition!) I prefer day trading, or swing, anyway closing all positions on Friday evening (Swiss time). I don’t think I would like Monday morning surprises… I found a site called http://www.tradingacademy.com/index.htm, an american company, which has premices in London. They offer a week’s tuition in London for about 7’000$, which I find terribly expensive, not counting the trip and hotel fees… It’s as you said! Thank you for any better suggestion, kind regards Semira