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Forex Brokers Advice

Dear Anna, First of all thank you for your great resources on forex trading. I found your site trading currency after weeks of doing forex trading research and studying tutorials and going from “pre-school” on up through levels of learning on other sites. I must say that you make things a lot easier to understand. One of the concerns I had was in not really understanding the fundamental aspect of trading and you’ve provided me with very useful information in that regard. Now for the point of this email, you said on your site that we may contact you for a list of the brokers/companies that meet the new regulations as far as having a certain amount of capital. I am writing to request that list and to ask whether or not you might have any suggestions for which broker a newcomer should start an account with. I’ve been practicing with FXCM’s Trading station and have intended to go with FXCM but I am having some reservations due to finding a great deal of customer complaints about FXCM. I did try to contact FXCM but I wasn’t able to get any assurance. I requested their trader agreement document in order to go over it but I am not a laywer and cannot translate much of it into layman’s terminology. I am looking at OANDA also as they appear to receive more praise that criticism. Would you suggest one over the other? Also, I have been trading the EUR/JPY. Is there anything I should know that would make this an unwise pair to focus my trading around? I tend to do more scalping than anything? Do you know if OANDA or FXCM allow scalping. I’ve been reading that some brokers don’t allow this and will close your account if you’re making money scalping. I thank you for your attention and look forward to your response. Mitch