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Become A Full Time Forex Trader

Hello Anna, Your site is an inspiration. I have been thinking of becoming a full time FX trader for the last year, and I have been reading up a lot on it. It seems risky but on the other hand it seems like just what I need. What you do for a living is what I have always dreamt of doing, and I really hope this dream can come true for me. I desire to be an expert at something, and this will give me the opportunity to do so. I am also interested in running a business without the usual hassle that traditional businesses go through, and lastly I need a business that will fit around my schedule (I have very young kids). I have never trad ed, I have been trading a demo account for a little over a month, I have been studying loads, and I am still trying to come up with my trading strategy and plan. I would appreciate it a lot if you could become a mentor of sorts, bcos I really need to do this to build some confidence in myself, I currently dont feel like I am an expert at anything, and this really seems like the perfect opportunity for me. The opportunity to make money in FX is a strong incentive, but for me it is much more than that, it will offer me the lifestyle that I have dreamt of. I hope this really works out for me. I would appreciate any word of advice or encouragement from your end. I am ready to put in the hardwork, and I just need a boost of confidence to believe I can be a part of the elite 5% that do make it in FX trading. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Warmest Regards, Kemi