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Broker Risks

Dear Anna, I came across your excellent article on “Choosing your Broker”. I opened an account with OANDA because they provide the services I need (online trading and multicurrency accounts with conversion between currencies at dealing rates). Their spreads are close enough for me, as I don’t plan to do “scalping” or “news trading”. The amount of money I want to convert/trade is quite large (>USD 200,000) and I’m concerned about the possible risk involved in depositing that amount of money in a trading account with them. As they say on their Web site, if they were to go bankrupt or file for bankruptcy protection, I could lose all the money in my account. How secure do you think they are? Are they one of the “good guys”with >$5m net capital? All my impressions of them and what I read about their reputation are positive, but I’m still slightly concerned about the possible risk to my deposits with them, especially in today’s uncertain financial market. Many thanks for your help with this. Best regards, Simon