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Currency Trading GBP/USD

Hello Anna, I am fascinated by the behaviour of the gbp/usd pair in the following time frame: 1,5 hour before the opening in Frankfurt (6:30) the opening in London (9:00). Very frequently, the gbp depreciates versus the usd in this time interval. I have included the charts of yesterday and today to demonstrate it (I can send you more charts if you like). I disscovered this ‘phenomenon’ after reading an interesting article in ‘Currency Trader’. I am new to Forex trading … but in my humble opinion I think it is very interesting to study the behaviour of this currency pair in the morning hours. I ‘d appreciate it if you could tell me what you think about it. I ‘ll keep studying it in the future … and I am considering to open a forex account, just to trade on this ‘phenomenon’ Kind regards Gunther