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ECN Currency Brokers

Hi Anna, Sorry to bother you but I have been trading Forex for a while now and have tried IG Index, Capital Spreads & ODL Markets. Using Metatrader on a Demo for better charting. I find though that very often whatever I do and however much of a stop loss I use all 3 of these Companies will eventually go just above my Stop loss Taking my Trade out for a while I thought it was just me but I do believe they are actively Stop Hunting. My Accounts are now getting low so having read your Currency Trading Online I think you have the right answer here by Using an ECN Broker, have you any recommendations for UK based ones that are reputable that I could Demo whilst trying to get my Funds back up. I find that what these companies are doing is wrong really as when you put in an order they know your Stop loss beforehand and exactly how much is in your account to take in hindsight people should never use them. Currently I am looking at one called EFX but they do not give much information on Minimum Account Deposits or Charges etc. Thanks in Advance, Regards Brian.