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Hi Anna, Whilst browsing thru “ezinearticles.com” site I navigated to your link – Wow!!! I have only read a few pages so far and decided to stop and send you this e-mail. I’m blown away by the clarity, completeness and honesty of the free information you have provided. It’s exactly what I need at this point in my quest – can’t wait to read the remaining pages provided! Thank you!!!!! I’m looking into the possibility of trading in the currency field. Last years return only a poor 4.22% I like medium to long-term trading – multiweek to multimonth. I’m technical trader- fundamental input provided by COT & Spreads I have and not been able to climb up from the current plateau in my trading. I would like to get up to the 30-40% annual returns (law of diminishing returns is not an issue at the moment) and last year’s return has prompted me to look at other areas of trading. Have not found the key issues in my trading plan/psychology that may be holding me back! – do I need to find a mentor? I am drawn to currency trading. Rather than compete directly with the professional 10-20% winners – would it be better for a newbie such as myself to subscribe to services such as Jack Crook’s “World Currency Options” Or “The Money Trader” by Sean Hyman and trade blindly all their recommendations? Thank you so much for your valuable time and kind assistance and any views you may have on my queries would be greatly appreciated Sincerely, Surinder