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Trading Signals

Hi Anna, I am still on the circuit – thanks for all your help and I hope you and yours are all fine and enjoying our wonderful unpredictable summer. I had intended to be live trading by now (as I had mentioned below back in May). As yet not ! Working on optimising success (if thats the right way to put it) have looked at so much (possible paralysis from analysis thing going on), well I have ventured through charts, indicators, swing, intraday, sessions, expert advisers, an array of platforms thru various brokers, signal providers etc etc. etc. you name it I have been there day and night, night and day. All this whilst running a family and a job – chaotic eh ! I am determined that I will be better than good at this, I’ve got that on tape in my head. Anyway just today, your advice come to mind about keeping it simple, this is what I crave most, whilst at present I do not have belief in my capabilities of technical analysis (that would be premature) I do believe that there must exist geniune professional traders (not generated from a black box) that offer a geniune successful signal service. My question really Anna, is do you have any knowledge in this area – are you able to point me in a profitable direction ? I hope you do not deem this type of question inappropriate, if so, please feel free to let me know. Look forward to hearing from you when you can (summer hols and all). In the meantime kindest regards Veronica